Last month we had a teaser from MV Agusta, which was a message from new MV Agusta. Now we have more to know about their new concept "RVS" so check it out!

MV Agusta concept "RVS"

MV Agusta was suffering again to keep their passion alive. Once in a while, well may be more often, MV Agusta suffers to make payments and they stop. Early this year was the same routine, "oh well again, let's see who is going to buy Agusta" ,,,anyways, their new concept "RVS" which was released last month ( with very small information, now is back again with a lot of information.

Watch the video below and find out which way MV Agusta is heading to. One thing sure is that their engine sounds always elegant and sensational.

画像1: MV Agusta RVS #1 Unveiling

MV Agusta RVS #1 Unveiling

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