A company in California built a super car with 7.0 litter V8 engine. A convertible sounds too crazy to drive but actually the car is beginner friendly.

American Muscle with European styling

Lucra LC470 is a new convertible supercar born in the US. Company located in San Marcos, California is hand building taking up to 8 weeks. Price is not known but each cars will be customized to fit
owner's request.

画像1: luxatic.com

V8 from AMG 6.3L or GM LS3 6.3L, or even GM LS7 7.0L are your choice of the engines. V8 7.0L outputs 630bhp enabling 0 to 100km/h in about 2.5 seconds. Top speed of 322km/h.

So What is also a special about this car is that with its driving dynamics and maneuverability, even a beginner to super cars can drive it with ease. So this is what you need to buy first before Ferrari or MacLaren.



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