"MAX ZONE mini" is an event held at Fuji International Speed Way to decide who is the fastest on miniBikes.

Brand New HONDA CBR250RR Max Speed: 175.382km/h

This CBR250RR was imported from Indonesia. Muffler is replaced with SP TADAO. Everything else is stock. Max Speed was 175.382km/h. With extra modifications, it will probably reach near 200km/h!

HONDA Monkey BAJA Max Speed: 106.962km/h

This Monkey BAJA is only 50cc. However, it is modified with SP TAKEGAWA Up type race exhaust along YOSHIMURA muffler. Seat is modified to hold body under hard braking. Modification is all around the machine. This BAJA is quite an extreme custom.

HONDA Gorilla Max Speed: 141.121km/h

A truly brilliant customized machine. Frame is Over Racing's OV33. Engine modified with SP TAKEGAWA 138cc Twin Spark with downdraft FCR33 carburetor. Galespeed's 10inch wheels are balanced.

Next "MAX ZONE mini" in August 2017

Fuji International Speed Way is built for hyper cars such as Super Formula, GT500 or JSB1000 class
motorcycles, however, at "MAX ZONE mini" everyone can ride on the track(Under 125cc).

Next event is on August 10th(Th). Entry starts from July 1st. If you happen to be in Japan, or you plan to visit Japan around that time, don't miss "MAX ZONE mini"

画像8: www.autoby.jp

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