Giannini, custom tuner known for its FIAT 500 Giannini models, is back to celebrate its anniversary with fastest 500 ever built.

Abarth vs Giannini

FIAT 500 for racing, you probably come up with Abarth. But in the old days, there was another tuner for FIAT who fought against Abarth for victory, "Giannini".

Totally modified body work and drivetrain. Wider fenders to fit in 19inch wheels with Brembo 6pot(Front) brake calipers. Engine is 1,750cc Turbo Gasoline same as Alfa Romeo 4C. Suspensions are push-rod both front and rear. Max Power is 350CV. Limited to 100 to 500 units only with price tag of 150,000Euro.

画像: Alfa Romeo Project 950

VIDEO, Giannini 350 GP, la super Fiat 500, engine alfa 4C 350cv ! Parco Valentino 2017.. ita Follow the page

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Alfa Romeo Project 950



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