The new Civic Type R was presented at "Honda Meeting 2017". Starting to sell from the end of July, we had a chance to test it. The new Civic Type R, even in short test time, is clearly an evolved machine.

Just by seating on seat, Civic Type R tells much about the evolution


Original full backet setas are lowered compared to base model. Seats are very comfortable. Seats hold your body nicely that makes long driving more pleasant.


The view from driving seat is open but sporty, not too narrow, like most sport cars, or not too high like regular cars.

Newly added "Comfort" mode transforms Civic Type R to a GT car

The new "Comfort" is added to driving modes along "Normal" and "+R". This mode is designed to ease the driving stress while long touring.


Power output is mild and easy to control. Steering is softer, and Electric Dumpers gain more stroke
for comfort ride. Gentle and smooth for street driving like an European GT car.

However, it doesn't mean Type R becomes a touring sedan. Quick shifting and stable braking are exactly the Type R. Machine turns in even at over speed, body rolls but rear grip is better than previous
Type Rs. It is easy to understand that the new chassis is built at much higher level.


"+R" is purely for circuit

"+R" mode is designed to open up the full potential of the new Type R. Sharp steering, tight suspensions, and exhaust roar like a beast. Body rolling is balanced at high level and strong suspensions hold track. "+R" mode is fully appreciable only on track.


This short time test was at a test course, so full potential and other characteristics couldn't be tested
but surely driving the new Civic Type R, even for a short period time, told us this machine has a lot
to offer. Wait for more review to come!


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