Impression of the new 2017 SUZUKI GSX250. This GSX250 is based on GSR series which its focus is more on street use. In fact, GSX250 is an all rounder for every kind of riders.

Street to widing

Sporty as GSX-R series, but even though handle bar is lowered, seating position and foot steps are same as GSR series. This positioning have plenty of space to adjust to any riding position.


Tested at city, highway and winding, machine behaves very stable on any stage. Thanks to its larger front tire size 110/80-17. Also, full-cowl and front leaned position help front to gain more grip.


Stable on highway even wind blowing from the side, GSX250 turns well on winding as well. Strong grip on front tire helps leaning the machine quickly at turn and also enables changing direction during turns as well. This is a very strong point of this motorcycle that is friendly to beginners and touring riders who do not need to go fast like MotoGP.


Another strong point of the new GSX250 is the engine. 24PS may sound not much but it generates most of the power under 8,000rpm. Max torque is at even lower 6,500rpm. This means you can fully enjoy the power at lower speed than other 250 motorcycles. Faster acceleration, more power riding in two as well.

Top speed is at 140km/h due to limiter at 10,500rpm but all the juice of the engine can be used way under that rpm. Priced JPY520,000 is lower than others and is very economical for this performance.



Seat and foot steps are positioned in comfortable places which gives enough space for rider to relax, also thanks to larger body that adds stability. Seat to ground distance is normal. 160cm rider height is enough to reach ground in comfort.


Length × Width × Height: 2085×740×1110mm
Wheelbase: 1430mm
Ground height: 160mm
Seat Height: 790mm
Weight: 178kg
Engine: Water cooled 4 stroke OHC 2 valve Parallel Twin Engine
Displacement: 248㏄
Bore x Stroke: 53.5x55.2mm
Compression: 11.5
Max Power: 24PS/8000rpm
Max Torque: 2.2㎏-m/6500rpm
Fuel Delivery: FI
Fuel Tank: 15L
Transmission: & Speed return
Brake: Front Disc Rear Disc
Tire: Front 110/80-17 Rear 140/70-17


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