The world has entered to the electric mobility era and there are more electric motorcycles build everyday. Business Insider picked some of the best on market. Can you find the one fits your passion?

Sport Bikes: LS218 and Ego

LS 218 by Lightning Motorcycle set world record of 215.907mph(345.451km/h) in 2011. Range is 100miles(160km) on highways. Charging takes 2hours on a level 2 charger. Priced at US$38,888.

Energica's Ego is another sport bike with top speed of 149mph(238.4km/h). Range is 93miles(148.8km). Charges in 3.5hours on a level 2 charger, 30minutes on a DC fast charger. Priced at US$34,000.

Naked and Cruiser: Zero SR, Sora and Brutus V9

ZERO SR: ZF13.00, the base model of SR, has a range of 122miles(195.2km) which can be upgraded to 153miles(244.8km). Zero SR is equipped with LCD screen that indicates battery charge and speed. Also syncs with special app to control max speed of the machine. Price starts from US$15,995 for base model.

Sora: Hand-made in Canada. Leather seats and carbon fiber body. Range is 120miles(192km). Top speed is 120mph(192km/h). Priced US$77,000.

Brutus V9: A cruiser that range goes up to 130miles(208km) with optional 33.7kWh battery. Top speed 115mph(184km/h). Priced US$34,490.

Others: J1, Redshift SM, Redshift MX

J1: Johammer's J1 is very unique electric motorcycle, more of a scooter style. Range of 200km with
top speed 75mph(120km/h). Priced €24.900.

Redshift SM: With a top speed of 80mph(128km/h), this Super Motard style is the fastest city rider. Range goes only 50miles(80km) but is enough for city ride. 6 hours charging with level 2 charger. Priced US$15,495.

Redshift MX: A little slower than SM, 65mph(104km/h) but enough for off-road riding. Range is 1-4
hours depending on road and speed. Priced $14,995.

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