Ginza is a part of Tokyo where most of the tourists or locals visit to buy high-end fashion wear or to enjoy dining. A new complex with shopping, dining, office and theatre opened in April. If you plan to visit Tokyo don't miss the most advanced complex of Japan.

Shop, Dine, Entertainment and more!

A new shopping complex just opened in Ginza. High-end fashion brands such as, VALENTINO, JIMMY CHOO, FRANCK MULLER, KENZO and Vivienne Westwoods are among the other well known brands.

Ginza six, the place to enjoy your holiday also welcomes you with delicious restaurants, tourist information office and even a Noh (classical Japanese musical drama) Theatre to enjoy a complete full day.

画像: GINZA SIXスペシャルムービー「メインストリート」篇

GINZA SIXスペシャルムービー「メインストリート」篇

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