The new Triumph Street Triple RS is a high performance middle class naked sport with new 765cc engine, Öhlins and Brembo!

Evolutionally refined middle fighter


The first thing you notice of the new Triumph Street Triple RS is its new engine. It id strong, not only it is bored up to 765cc, but its power output range starts smoothly from low rpm to high rpm.

It is fast and you can feel it is a fast motorcycle, however, it does not make you feel any fear. Harmonic exhaust sound and smooth rear movement provides fun and confident riding.


Engine: Water cooled 4 stroke DOHC 4 Valve Parallel 3 cylinder
Displacement: 765cc
Max Power: 123PS/11700rpm
Max Torque: 7.85kg-m/10800rpm
Weight: 187kg
Fuel Tank capacity: 17.4L
Seat Height: 825mm
Tyre: Front 120/70ZR17 Rear 180/55ZR17


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