KAWASAKI's new 250cc Adventure motorcycle, VERSYS-X250, is not just a small enduro, but is much more of a real adventure motrcycle!

250cc Adventure Motorcycle

KAWASAKI VERSYS-X250 is an adventure motorcycle with Ninja250 Parallel Twin engine. It has its own original frame with cowl, screen and high positioned handle bar.

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Front and Rear suspension are high with long stroke to hit off-road. The engine is just 250cc, but overall size is much more.

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19inch front wheel is capable of handling both on and off roads. With low noise tyre fitted,
VERSYS-X250 can be a grant tourer as well.

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The 250cc is smooth for its size. 7800rpm at sixth gear 100km is a little high but feeling is very smooth and there is no stress revving it over 10,000rpm.

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Even with its small displacement, VERSYS-X250 acts like a grand tourer. Comfortable on highways
and tough at off roads.

Specification ( [ TOURER ] )

Length × Width × Height: 2170×860[940]×1390mm
Wheelbase: 1450mm
Seat Height: 815mm
Weight: 175[183]㎏
Engine: Water cooled 4 stroke DOHC 4 Valve Parallel Twin
Displacement: 248㏄
Bore x Stroke: 62×41.2mm
Compression: 11.3
Max Power: 33PS/11500rpm
Max Torque: 2.1㎏-m/10000rpm
Fuel Delivery: FI
Fuel Tank Capacity: 17L
Transmission: 6 Speed return
Brake: Front 290mm Disc Rear 220mm Disc
Tyre: Front 100/90-19 Rear 130/80-17
Price: 629,640JPY/683,640JPY (TOURER)

On roader dual purpose

The only twin engine for its class, VERSYS-X250 is not a light weight adventure model. It is stable for both long touring and off road use. Suspension and tyre choice are more for on road use but is capable of handling off road as well. Body size is big for a 250cc class but isn't too big to control on rough roads.

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Seat is hard and high but is comfortable enough to ride over 200km distance. Screen does its job over 80km/h eliminating wind to face and shoulders.


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