The long awaited HONDA's new CIVIC Type R was shown at Geneva Show. There is only a bit of information about the specification, but this is the most detailed report so far.

Rev at 7,000rpm and above. Flywheel 25% lighter


Power and torque is 320ps/6500rpm and 400Nm/2500-4500rpm (At Geneva rpms were not announced).Newly added Synchronized Rev function with 25% lighter flywheel add up the response of the machine and also lowered final gear increases the acceleration.


16kg lighter than previous Type R with 38% reinforced body

More aluminium are used for body components to lighten up the body which results in 16kg lighter total weight. However, body stiffness is 38% stronger and flexural rigidity is 45% higher.


Wheel size is 20inch with Continental ContiSportContact6 245/30R20. Brakes are Brembo front(4pot) and rear(single piston) with 13.8inch drilled rotor(front) and 12inch rotor(rear).

New driving mode and exhaust system

For driving mode, "Comfort" is added to ease the driving while going long road which is the opposite of "+R" mode. Default setting is "Sport" for usual use and "+R" is for riding on track with quicker steering response and Rev matching as well as suspension dumping and stability control.


The three pipes exhaust is somewhat unfamiliar, however, the center pipe creates negative pressure at middle to high rev to eliminate unwanted noise inside cabin so driver can purely enjoy the exhaust note of the HONDA Type R engine.


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