YAMAHA's light weight commuter, "NMAX 155" is coming to Japan this April.

Comfortable size with bigger and eco engine

YAMAHA NMAX 155 is equipped with YAMAHA's new eco friendly and high efficiency "BLUE CORE" engine. In Japan, minimum engine capacity to ride on highways is 150cc, so now NMAX is capable of going everywhere in Japan. Small capacity (125cc to 200cc) scooters and motorcycles are getting popular in Japan for its easy handling and low running cost.

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Yamaha NMAX is a sporty scooter model based on the concept of “City Commuter with Global Prestige”. The NMAX has a newly developed BLUECORE engine, which boasts improvements in combustion efficiency, improved cooling performance and reduction of power losses. As a result of this trinity of improvement, the NMAX is able to achieve a "higher maximum power output and operating torque", said Mr. Takehiko Gotanda, Engine Project Chief of Yamaha Motor Company, Japan. A new liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 4-valve, 155cc fuel-injected engine with CVT on a body with styling that reflects the “MAX” family of models like the “TMAX” and “X-MAX”, which is popular in Europe.

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