NISSAN specialized tuner NISMO starts to sell its own package for GT-R "NISMO N Attack Package"

GT-R NISMO from Nurburgring

This package contains custom parts and tuning based on NISMO's Nurburgring record breaking GT-R. Also the package includes the parts, fitting and setting at NISMO Factory in Tokyo.

NISMO N Attack Package has two versions, "A kit" for pure sporting; taking off rear seats and adding carbon Inter-cooler piping, front and rear LSDs and dry-carbon rear bulk head to the basic "B kit" which contains original ECM, OHLINS suspension, original stabilizer, original front brake pad, carbon front fender, carbon rear wing and front lip spoiler.

These packages, priced 9 million JPY for "A kit" and 5milion JPY for "B kit", is what you need to break the record at Nurburgring. If you are planning to drive NUrburgring around 7min lap time, GT-R NISMO is what you need.


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