Well know industrial ex-Ferrari designer, Ken Okuyama's own design and build car, "kode9 Spyder" is limited to 5 units only!

kode9 Spyder

Developed from previous model, kode9 coupe, kode9 Spyder is a light weight true sport convertible.

Midship transversely mounted engine can be selected from variety of engine specs. Prototype has 1.8l supercharged 4 cylinders engine which is a perfect match for ultra light body (780kg) to realize the true sport car handling. Spyders, usually heavier and softer tha coupe, isn't what you expect from Ken OKuyama's work. This kode9 Spyder, with its improved body construction and lightweight soft-top, is lighter than coupe model!

画像7: www.kenokuyamadesign.com

Production was limited to 5 units and was only sold thru Ken Okuyama's own car division, Ken Okuyama Cars. You are lucky if you get to see it live.


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