a series of miniature diorama using daily life objects goes quite impressive. It is amazing how this creator combines miniature figures and daily life products to build a tiny world with a lot of humor!

Miniature Calendar

Art director and miniature Photographer, Mr. TATSUYA TANAKA, started to create this wonderful small world to entertain his and other's daily life. He ended up creating one for each day and called it "Miniature Calendar".

画像1: miniature-calendar.com
画像2: miniature-calendar.com

Now that his art works has become known to many and other medias, Mr. Tanaka is invited to display his works in various exhibition, not only in Japan but also in other countries.

All the images can been seen at the official website and photo books are available to buy online. so click the link below to discover the new small world of miniature lifestyle!


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