Berlin based Urban Motor builds an ultra thin motorcycle from 1964 Jawa 350

1964 Jawa 350


Shop boss Peter Dannenberg’s hardly fazed: “Those who sprint slowly are seen longer!”

Keeping only the original engine, everything else is custom made. Pipe tubing frame, 23 inch alloy SM Pro rims, and drum brake in the rear. Carburetor is Jikov with custom exhaust. There are no headlight or turn signals. It is built to run as minimum as possible.

“If essence is the key, then we want to do it right,” says Peter. “We want to make a statement.”

Weighting only 90kg, this machine, called ‘EASY (…like Sunday morning).’, is the most minimum motorcycle ever.


“We are not dogmatic about competitions and rules,” explains Peter. “We like to see the big picture and enjoy divergence with humor, fun and the winking of an eye.”


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