SUZUKI's world best seller motorcycle, GIXXER, is finally coming to Japan! Long awaited small middle is expected to be a big hit to teenager and young riders in Japan!

nnn, Never in Japan?? yes, finally in Japan!

As you may wonder, "nnn, why is so big to have it in Japan?", however, this best seller, winning 13 Bike of the year in 13 categories in India, never been introduced to Japan. And nowadays, younger generations are buying small middle class (between 150cc to 200) for its easy maintenance, comfort and fun to ride. Called casual riding, this 150cc GIXXTER fits perfectly the needs of youngsters in Japan.  

 Equipped with Fuel Injection, front and rear disc brake and Dunlop tires for Japanese model, the engine is the same as other market models, high performance and low fuel consumption (Max Power 10kW/8,000rpm, Max Torque 14Nm/6,000rpm, Fuel Consumption 58.8km/L).


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