Custom mini machines from high level competition "Max Zone Mini" is way more than expectation. HONDA Monkey, KAWASAKI KSR andYAMAHA BW'S scooter are customized to their highest level.


MAX ZONE mini is a series where mini motos (Under 250cc) battle on international racing tack, FUJI International Speedway. Held three times a year, shops and private riders participate to compete their performance and custom skills.

KAWASAKI KSR110 : Top Speed 130.403km/h

Equipped with KITACO's Ultra SE 125cc bore-up kit with 4 speed transmission. Cowls are all hand made as well as the exhaust.

YAMAHA BW'S 100 : Top Speed 138.925km/h

Bored-up with KN-KIKAKU 180cc kit and DOHC conversion, this BW'S is one of a kind. Hitting over 138km/h on the first try is something outrageous.

HONDA Monkey : 134.245km/h

Many hand-made custom parts fitted and keeping the wheel size to 8inch, this Monkey hits well over 130km/h. According to the owner, if the machine was fitted with separate handle, it can reach over 140km/h. Over 130km/h on 8inch wheels is just insane.


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