TOYOTA released their new concept model for the future. A vehicle with emotion sensor and personal engagement.

Learning makes this smart car brilliant.

This concept machine is focused on connecting car and humans. Yet, it is more, connecting car, human, and society. This car comes with a personal AI agent "Yui". Who (or which), will support driver and passenger more than just an interface.

Less of a machine. More of a pal.

Yui monitors road condition to warn or to assist driver and at the same time senses driver's emotion to make sure everything is safe and under control. If driver is sad or too tired, Yui can take over the control of the car to make sure driver and passenger reach their destination safe.

It is still a concept model for now, but I must not be the only one that feels this future is not far away from today. Back in 80's, well in TV but, there was K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider which pretty much had every control of the Knight 2000 and also was capable of joking with Michael. Why not make it real?


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