HONDA premiered their "Self Standing Motorcycle : Honda Riding Assist" at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, USA.

Honda Riding Assist


HONDA's new technology to assist rider from falling is debut at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. It avoids motorcycle and rider from falling by controlling caster angle, trail and so on. The technology balances motorcycle itself to avoid unwanted fall. This technology will support rider especially at low speed and at stop. From the video below it seem to work at high speed range as well.

画像: Honda Riding Assist

Honda Riding Assist

●Honda Riding Assist
HONDA's balancing technology which come from self walking robot ASIMO is now adopted to motorcycle. It is the first in the world. With or without rider on it, the machine balances itself to stand still. It support rider when rider or machine looses balance especially at low speed range, at stop, or at maneuvering. However, at normal usage speed range the technology will not interfere so it will not spoil the joy of riding motorcycle.

画像: caster angle changes depending on condition

caster angle changes depending on condition

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