Nissan's NOTE with e-Power is already tuned by NISMO, Nissan's motorsport division.

Monthly Top sales after 30 years of struggle

Nissan's new NOTE overtook Toyota's Prius monthly sales figure in Nov. 2016 with a surprising 15,784 units sold. The brand new e-Power (engine to generate electricity only) provides powerful acceleration and fuel efficiency which seem to attract many consumers.

so NISMO, Nissan's motor sport division already puts hands on NOTE e-Power and made a NISMO version.

画像: NOTE e-Power NISMO



NOTE e-Power NISMO is tuned in many ways. CPU tuned to gain acceleration, body reinforcement, special suspension and more!

NISMO badge (front and rear)
e-Power badge
original front bumper
YOKOHAMA DNA tire with 16 inch aluminium wheel
original Exaust tailend
original aluminium gas/brake pedals
original footrest with NISMO logo
original tuned CPU (VCM)
original suspension
reinforced front stablizer
original body reinforcement
original speed sensing electric power steering
e-Power original fine vision meter panel with NISMO logo
original suede sporet seat with NISMO logo


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