Special event in which JSB1000, GP2 and GP3 machines compete against monster Autorace Machine

Oval Super Battle in KAWAGUCHI 2016

Date: 2016. Dec. 18th (Sun) @ KAWAGUCHI Autorace.

This is a special event held every year, in which JSB1000, J-GP2, and J-GP3 machines and the riders compete against specially modified to Oval track monster, Autorace machine.

Check the video below from last year's "Oval Super Battle 2015"

画像: 異種格闘技レース1回目(オーバルスーパーバトルin川口2015) www.youtube.com



What is Autorace?

Autorace is a unique motor sport which has 60 years of history. Normally eight riders compete against each other for six laps on racing circuits which is oval race track with length of 500m and width of 30m.

画像: www.maroon.dti.ne.jp
画像: no brake, no starter, top speed of 150km/h www.kawaguchiauto.jp

no brake, no starter, top speed of 150km/h


Riders of Oval Super Battle 2016

Below are part of the riders participating at the event.

Josh Waters (Moto Map SUPPLY)
Yoshihiro Konno (moto Map SUPPLY)
Haruchika Aoki (Auto racer)
Shuhei Aoyama (Auto racer)
Nobuatu Aoki (JSB1000)
Ryuji Tsuruta (JSB1000)

Also KTM will hold a race in which motorcycle journalist challenge against famous TV comedian and also motorcycle lover, Mitsunori Fukuda.

画像: autorace.jp

It will be an exciting one day event to check out. If you happen to be in Tokyo, Kawaguchi is about 1 hour away, you better hop on train and head to KAWAGUCHI Autorace


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