the new and the most high technology AMG GT R is out from the "Green Hell"

Developed in the "Green Hell"

Developed mostly at Nurburgring's notorious north loop, the "Green Hell", AMG GT R is the most complete and the most elegant of all the AMG models.

Front-mid-engine with transaxle, twin-turbo V8

What you need more? The new AMG GT R is fully equipped with the most modern and high tech available. V8 engine outputting 585hp, new aerodynamics, light weight construction with aluminium and carbon, reinforced body shell, seven speed dual-cluth transmission and active rear-wheel steering.

Its all in!!

"Our sports-car and performance brand AMG has its roots in motorsport and, ever since its formation, has repeatedly faced up to the competition on the racetrack. These genes are particularly prevalent in the new AMG GT R. Boasting a wealth of technological innovations, the new top-of-the-range model is proof of the close collaboration between our constructors of racing cars and road-going vehicles,"


It is only numbers, but only by numbers we can tell this is the real beast out of green jangle!


ENGINE 4.0-litre V-8
RATED OUTPUT 430 kW (585 hp) at 6250 rpm
RATED TORQUE 700 Nm at 1900-5500 rpm
0-100 KM/H 3.6 s
TOP SPEED 318 km/h

画像: Beast of the Green Hell - The Mercedes-AMG GT R Has Arrived

Beast of the Green Hell - The Mercedes-AMG GT R Has Arrived

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