iXOOST creates speaker with original Lamborghini exhaust


Well known speaker company iXOOST created new stylish and LOUD speaker inspired by Italian super car maker Lamborghini.

画像1: luxatic.com

Product called "ESAVOX" is actually on sale at $26,280.

Each unit of this incredible portable docking station features an original Lamborghini exhaust system, working alongside a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, a passive shock absorber system and ceramic supports to deliver nothing but the most incredible sounds ever.

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This unit have capacity of amazing 800 watts!!! All handmade in Italy.

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Even if you can't afford to get a real Lamborghini, you can listen to its beautiful roar with this speaker unit with the real Lamborghini exhaust. Sounds great!?

画像4: luxatic.com

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