Designer Luca Cimolini makes his ideas real to keep running

One per year

Luca Cimolini is a designer, he spends most of his work time in front of a computer. However, when work time is over, he becomes a custom builder in his own garage.

“Designing and building customs is my hobby, a way of spending free time,” Luka tells us. “I have a small oil-stained garage in Slovenia, where I make one custom per year.”

Creating with his own hands

Luca makes a custom moto per year and once finished sells it to buy another base moto for his next project. Important part is that he uses his actual hands to make the project real.

“Spending time in a garage, away from the computer, is a must nowadays. I try to hand-build as many parts as I can, because it delights me to see that I actually created something with my own hands.”


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