HONDA'S new 1100 series is released at INTERMOTO 2016

Curvier and Sportier RS model

Well, Honda is looking to change all of that with the new 2017 Honda CB1100RS, which it added to the lineup alongside a refresh to the base model CB1100EX. And, this time, it looks like they've nailed it (at least in the looks department).

New features of RS model are 43 mm right side up Showa "dual bending valve two-piece fork" and remote reservoir shocks. Wheels are 17 inch cast aluminum with dual radial Tokico calipers.

The engine has a new inlet tract and smaller/lighter 4-2-2 exhaust system. Also a slipper clutch is equipped to lighten the clutch lever.

moderate but refined EX model

The base model EX gets the same new tank, but ditches the fancy paint. It gets LED lights front and rear, but keeps the standard indicators, and it retains the previous model's 18 inch wheels, suspension, and brakes. It does, however, get the slipper clutch and new exhaust.


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