Chassis and engine builder Suter Racing Technology's V4 500cc 2 stroke machine

195hp @ 13’000 rpm, Weight 127kg and Top speed of 310km/h

画像: Suter MMX 500 Onboard

Suter MMX 500 Onboard

Pure racer of 1990s

FRAME: CNC machined Aluminium twin spar with multi adjustable
steering/wheelbase/riding position/height

SWINGARM: Aluminium swingarm, CNC machined, adjustable

SUSPENSION: Öhlins upside down front fork & rear shock; all adjustable for pre-load,
compression & rebound damping. Different rear links available

WHEELS: OZ (Magnesium or Aluminium) 17x 3.75 Front 17x 6.0 Rear

TYRES: 125/75 R 17 Front 205/75 R 17 Rear

BRAKES: BremboTwo 320mm steel front disc with 4 piston calipers
One 218 mm steel rear disc with 2 piston caliper

FUEL TANK: Carbon Fibre / Inbuilt fuel pump

BODYWORK: Carbon Fibre


ENGINE TYPE: 4 Cylinder V4 two stroke with double counter rotating crankshaft


BORE X STROKE: 56 x 58,5

MAX. REVS: 13'000

MAX POWER: 195 hp

ASPIRATION: Electronic fuel injection four port throttle body four carbon reed valves

EXHAUST VALVE: Double flap electronic controlled

EXHAUST: Akrapovic four single resonance Titanium chambers

GEARBOX: SRT six speed cassette gearbox

CLUTCH TYPE: SuterClutch multi disc dry



Price 120,000 Swiss Francs = 123,228 US $ (as of Nov.2nd.2016)

So you want to taste the juice of Suter MMX500? Price tag for one of 99 production models is 120,000 Swiss Francs. A motorcycle with the technology of 1990s, the highest of 2 stroke engines, awaits you.

画像: MMX500 at Man TT

MMX500 at Man TT

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