MFJ All Japan Road Race Rd.2 JSB1000 200km endurance @ Suzuka

The second round of MFJ All Japan Road Race was held at Suzuka circuit. This is actually the first race of JSB(Japan Super Bike)1000 class of the 2016 season. Every year the first round is held in conjunction with Super Formula (Japanese top category formula race).


The gate to Suzuka 8 hours

This year's first top category was held at legendary Suzuka Circuit. From this year, Suzuka 8 hours introduced the World Endurance Championship regulation and this first round of JSB1000 was one of the few chance to gain the qualification to participate in this year's Suzuka 8 hours. Therefore, this race wasn't just the opening race, but also very importance race for teams willing to participate at 2016 Suzuka 8 hours.

画像: Le Mans start

Le Mans start

Not an easy race to win

In front of 32,000 fans, 35 laps special endurance race started. Starting in traditional Le Mans way, pole position #1 Nakasuga misses the start and drops to 9th position. The hole shot was by third in row #634 Takumi Takahashi.

画像: Great start by #634 Takahashi

Great start by #634 Takahashi

The first lap is finished by #634 Takahashi but soon at the first corner of the second lap, #87 Akira Yanagawa takes the lead. From the fourth place, #12 Takuya Tsuda, passes #104 Tatsuya Yamaguchi. Meanwhile, Takahashi takes the lead back. #1 Nakasuga comes up to 5th place.

画像: #12 Tsuda takes the lead, right behind #1 Nakasuga and #87 Yanagawa

#12 Tsuda takes the lead, right behind #1 Nakasuga and #87 Yanagawa

#12 Tsuda rides strong to pass #87 Yanagawa to come to the second position, then passes the leader #634 Takahashi. #12 Tsuda leads the race for a while. #1 Nakasuga is at second position by now followed by #87 Yanagawa.

Last Year's champion Nakasuga takes the first win

画像: Last Year's champion Nakasuga takes the first win

#1 Nakasuga takes action at lap 14. At 130R passes #12 Tsuda. Tsuda tries to pass back again but over-runs. #87 Yanagawa passes Tsuda and takes the second position. Nakasuga keeps to push to clock 2min07sec lap time and leaves the others behind.

The race ends at lap 30th because of red flag by an accident at final corner. #1 Nakasuga takes the first win of 2016 season, #12 Tsuda the second, #87 Yanagwa at third place.


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