Last October, TOYOTA and SUZUKI were already talking about sharing their sources to develop new technology and service for future automobile market. Now they are not just talking but actually starting to take action to move this joint work ahead.

TOYOTA and SUZUKI, new auto maker are ready to walk ahead together

画像: Mr. Toyota of TOYODA (Left) and Mr. Suzuki of SUZUKI (Right)

Mr. Toyota of TOYODA (Left) and Mr. Suzuki of SUZUKI (Right)

It was already known that TOYOTA and SUZUKI were getting closer to develop and share their technologies for future collaboration, however, this came real faster than everybody expected.

Last Year in October, TOYOTA and SUZUKI mentioned that they have interest in working together in the future, and only within 4 month, this announcement came out. They both come from same area of Japan, "ENSHU", and are the most important auto makers of Japan.

We still don't know how they are going to collaborate, but we are sure we will start to appreciate their joint works earlier than we expect.


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