Mr. GAO Nishikawa, illustrator, and Mr. Kawaguchi, custom builder, together built an unique scooter with style and charm called "Road Tripper". Based on YAMAHA's three wheel scooter "Tricity", "Road Tripper" was built to enjoy riding more casually.

all from Camping Purpose

First idea came from Mr. GAO Nishikawa, illustrator and publisher of "On the Road" Magazine, to create a transportation vehicle which can be towed by his camper van and to use it as a commuter around camping site.

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Mr. GAO Nishikawa chose YAMAHA's market breaker "Tricity" as a base model because of its stable feeling for off-road riding and its load capacity.

What Mr. GAO Nishikawa did first was to take Tricity to custom builder Mr. Kawaguchi, owner of "Funny's Custom Service". They discussed the ideas Mr. GAO Nishikawa had in his mind. Then, some sketches were made.


After few sketches and hours of discussion, Mr. GAO Nishikawa decides to go to the US to visit swap meet to get more inspirations.

Mr. GAO Nishikawa at The High Performance Swap Meet in California
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At swap meet, Mr. GAO Nishikawa finds perfectly matching headlight and taillight for his Tricity.

Then back in Japan, the two maestros start to work on the machine. Blinkers were taken from Mr. GAO Nishikawa's Harley-davidson sportster.

Round and Charm

Concept was set to "round shape like old farming tractor with charm" which is something different from the modern edgy straight design.

Mr. GAO Nishikawa is the maestro of 2D design and illustrating, and Mr. Kawaguchi is the maestro of 3D works. The two maestros started to realize their ideas and passion to make the one and only YAMAHA Tricity "Road Trip LMW".

So as all the custom build projects, there were some problems to realize what the two maestros really had in mind. However, they decided not to touch or change the framework or the technology YAMAHA put into the machine. They didn't want to spoil the safety and the liability of the machine.

the YAMAHA Tricity "Road Trip LMW"

The complete version of the "Road Trip LMW" (Named Road Tripper) was shown at INAZUMA Festival in Tokyo on Dec.18th.2016.

The Two Maestros, Mr. Kawaguchi (left), Mr. GAO Nishikawa (right)

The coloring was inspired from vintage Coleman's camping lantern. Helmet storage under seat were kept as original for storage capacity.

Mr. Kawaguchi stated,

"We designed the Road Tripper to be a more casual commuter, like riding it with jeans,
flannel shirt, down vest, and boots. Or custom it to load surfboard and ride it along shore."

"Also, we kept the framework and equipment all original. All the parts are bolt-ons. Nothing is concrete yet, but these parts are planned to be for sale for all the other Tricity owners"

So the master piece of the two maestros are now alive. What you think? or How would you use it?

How would you ride Tricity in your life?

Pick a life-style with Tricity that suite you the best

  • Surfing

    Thank you for your pick. Tricity's style and stability will be the perfect match for surf and sand

  • City use

    Thank you for your pick. Tricity's agility and safety will assist your riding in heavy city traffic

  • Off road

    Thank you for your pick. Tricity's three wheel stability will be your strong partner for wild off-road riding

  • Touring

    Thank you for your pick! Tricity's safety and comfort will support your long and tandem riding

  • Surfing
  • City use
  • Off road
  • Touring
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